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Good WordPress Plugins

December 16, 2009

When I make wordpress themes there are usually a few good plugins that I use repeatedly and I thought that if I found them useful other folks might to.

This is best plugin for resizing images. I’ve found it most effective when I set image URLs in custom fields and then grab that info to generate resized images. This is really handy when people upload pictures and don’t have any concept about picture dimensions and where the image is actually going to go. It can even grab pictures from another host and resize those as well.

TDO Mini Forms
This plugin is great if you want people to submit posts or pages for your site. It lets people upload pictures and write everything you would need for a post; it also has built in moderation features and the forms that it makes are very customizable. I’ve used it several times for contest websites where people upload photos and descriptions.

Page Link Manager
When you need to hide pages from being listed in the wp_list_pages() function this plugin is really handy. It provides a simple page of with all the published pages in the site listed and select a checkbox to turn them on and off.

All In One SEO
Really great plugin to generate the basic metatags for your content without you actually having to write it in.

Link to Post
The WYSIWYG link button in wordpress drives me nuts. This plugin will add two new buttons to the WYSIWYG editor that will provide you with a list of pages or posts on your site that you can select from. No more copying and pasting links!

Page Links To
If you ever need to redirect a post/page to another location this plugin is great. Adds a simple field on the edit post page where you can type in the URL that you want that post to redirect to.