New Minimal Theme

July 26, 2010

I just finished redoing the Fractured State theme with a simpler grid based theme. I used the 960 grid system because it’s super straight forward and I’ve used it on a couple of commercial projects in the past. The other thing I tried with this theme is using custom post types for the portfolio projects, each project is a post with a custom taxonomy for the skills/technologies. I then set a featured image and upload the rest of the pictures I want for the project and all the thumbnails are generated automatically with the Autothumb plugin. I also ended up writing a function to print out the thumbnails for each project. I know WordPress already has a gallery short tag that will output the uploaded pictures but it generates this huge mess of HTML that is really not elegant and I thought I should do better for my personal site.

I’ve also designed it so it should degrade nicely with no javascript. The only things that I’ve used javascript for is the filtering of projects on the projects page, the lightbox and showing/hiding the archives and categories, none of which are super crucial to navigating the site in the long run.