Michael O’Shea

  • Skills/Technologies:
  • Design
  • Flash

Michael O’Shea is a Vancouver based photographer and long time friend of the owner of Living Blueprint. He had a been in need of a new website that didn’t look like it came from 1995 and that he could manage easily.

The design look I was aiming for was ‘subtle’ and ‘classic’. He also had this ‘gold’ colour that was used in his print materials and I tried to work that in as the background for the navigation.

I didn’t want to spend a lot (or any if possible) of time writing a CMS for him to upload and manage his photos so what I did was integrate his site with Picasa. This allowed me to focus on the flash frontend and get it looking and working correctly and also cut down on the development time. Integrating with Picasa was fairly straightforward, I parse the RSS feed for each album with a PHP script and write an XML file that I need to load in to Flash.

The design and flash development of this site was completed while I was working at Living Blueprint.

Michael O’Shea